Multi-Color, Multi-Component Applications For Vertical Injection Molding Machines

The application of vertical injection molding machine in multi-color injection molding, the combination of vertical machine and horizontal machine forms a multi-station two-color or even multi-color molding process.

The turret type two-color machine is also called core rotary injection. That is, there is a shaft that can be telescoped and rotated in the center of the lower mold, so that the core can be rotated by 180 degrees. It enters the cavity 1 and the cavity 2 successively, and then forms a two-color plastic piece.

Main applications are:

(1) The product has inserts, the inserts are injection molded at one end, and one end can be clamped (such as a screwdriver, scissors, etc.).

(2) Cylinder, deep hole products (such as car handles, thermometer case, etc.), the product can be firmly positioned on the core after leaving the mold.

Multi-station rotary table machine, the equipment has two sets of injection system, the lower mold rotates a certain angle such as 180 degrees, 120 degrees, etc., which can automate the process of labeling in the mold. Unlike ordinary two-color machines, this equipment can be used not only for two-color injection molding, but also as two standard historical injection molding machines or standard historical double-station rotary machines, which greatly expands the multi-purpose function of the equipment.

Vertical injection molding machines are also used in liquid silicone molding applications. The process of liquid silicone molding is characterized by the need for two-component mixing. At present, the liquid silicone molding in the industry is dominated by vertical machines. The pipe of the injection part of the material is more convenient for space utilization, and can better adapt to the injection molding of LSR.

Liquid silicon products have a wide range of applications in various fields such as medical and electronics because of their good performance. Liquid silicone has a very wide hardness range, which can replace thermoplastic elastomers such as TPU and TPE, and can produce a very good tactile texture. At the same time, liquid silicon also meets the requirements of use in many extreme environments. Therefore, in recent years, liquid silicon materials have become an emerging popular choice in various industries, and gradually entered everyone’s daily life.

As an indispensable branch of the press machine, the vertical injection molding machine has formed its unique production advantages, and it has excellent performance in many specific use environments. It also has excellent performance in various fields such as automation and customization. . Vertical injection molding machines are also taking advantage of new applications in more and more fields. It is believed that vertical injection molding machines can bring more innovative applications to the manufacturing industry.

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