Multi-Color Injection Molding Technology Features

Multi-color injection, as its name implies, is a part that is molded with two or more plastics. The generalized multi-color injection molding includes over molding, which is realized by ordinary injection molding machine and two injection molding. The narrow multi-color injection molding refers to the injection molding of two or more different plastics on the same machine by using a multi-color injection molding machine. Common is the rotary injection molding machine.

After years of development, multi-color injection molding is not limited to rotary table molding. This process has expanded many fixed branches. Among them, sandwich injection molding, cube mold and liquid silicone multi-color injection are also hot trends in recent years. Injection molding consumes secondary materials, and the twin-screws are responsible for injection and independent pressure-holding, respectively, to increase cycle time and reduce energy consumption. This is the most environmentally friendly injection molding process.

The cube mold has unique advantages in terms of efficiency, and is very suitable for thin-walled products such as bottle caps. It has excellent advantages in mass-produced products; liquid silicon injection, because it combines LSR resistance to high and low temperature, corrosion resistance, etc. The excellent performance and the excellent precision of the injection molded parts have become an attractive new product selection solution.

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