Mould Manufacturing Finishing Process – Surface Treatment And Assembly

The surface of the part is left with tool marks and wear marks where stress is concentrated and is the source of crack growth. Therefore, after the machining is completed, the parts need to be surface-strengthened, polished by fitters, and the hidden troubles in processing are eliminated. Some of the edges, sharp corners, and holes in the workpiece are inverted blunt, R. In general, the surface of the electrical processing will produce about 6-10μm metamorphic hardened layer, the color is grayish white, the hardened layer is brittle and has residual stress. Before use, the hardened layer should be fully eliminated by polishing the surface and grinding to remove the hardened layer.

In the grinding and electromachining process, the workpiece will have a certain magnetization, with a weak magnetic force, and it is very easy to suck some small things. Therefore, before the assembly, the workpiece should be demagnetized and the surface cleaned with ethyl acetate. During the assembly process, first refer to the assembly drawing, find all the parts, and then list the order of the components between each other, list all the matters needing attention, and then proceed with assembling the mold, assembling the general first guide column guide sleeve, and then loading the mold Racks and male and female molds, and then adjust the gaps in various places, especially the gap between the male and female molds, mold testing after the completion of the assembly, write the overall situation report. For the problems found, the reverse thinking method can be adopted, that is, from the post process to the forward process, from the finish machining to the rough machining, and checking one by one until finding the crux and solving the problem.

Practice has proved that a good control of the finishing process can effectively reduce the parts out-of-tolerance, scrap, and effectively improve the success rate and service life of the mold.

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