Mold Sliding Injection Molding

Mold sliding injection molding is a two-step injection molding method developed by Nippon Steel Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for the manufacture of hollow products. The principle is that the hollow product is first divided into two parts, and the two parts are respectively injected to form a semi-finished product, and then the two parts of the semi-finished product and the mold are slid to the mating position, and the second mold is clamped. The plastic melt is injected into the joint of the two parts of the product (2 times), and finally a complete hollow product is obtained. Compared with blown plastic products, the French product has the advantages of good surface precision, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness and large design freedom.

In the manufacture of hollow articles of complex shape, the mold sliding injection molding method is compared with a conventional secondary method such as ultrasonic welding. The advantage is that the semi-finished product does not need to be taken out from the mold, so that the problem of the shape accuracy of the product caused by the cooling of the semi-finished product outside the mold can be avoided. Here, it is also possible to avoid the problem of reduction in the weld strength caused by the secondary welding due to local stress.

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