Mold Making Method Based On RP Technology

The traditional mold manufacturing methods can be divided into two types, one is to use the master mold to reproduce the mold, and the other is to directly mold the mold with a numerical control machine tool. In the new product development process, reducing the cost and time required for mold manufacturing is the most effective step to shorten the entire product development time and reduce costs. A leap in rapid prototyping technology is to enter the mold manufacturing field, and its potential is to reduce the mold. Manufacturing costs and reduced mold development time. The rapid development of molds after the introduction of rapid prototyping technology into the mold manufacturing process is rapid mold manufacturing.

The application of rapid prototyping technology in the field of mold manufacturing is mainly used to make the master mold used in the mold design and manufacturing process, and sometimes to directly manufacture the mold by rapid prototyping technology. Therefore, rapid mold manufacturing based on RP can be divided into two types, direct molding and indirect molding.

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