Mold Making And Processing Of PVC Vacuum Blister Machine

1. Mold making and processing of plastic products

According to the requirements or sample specifications provided by the customer, firstly, the plastic mold is made. Under normal conditions, the plastic packaging mold is made by using gypsum, but the wood carving and metal carving products are also used as the mold. After the plaster mold is made, let the first It is naturally dry or completely dried.

Secondly, according to the specific conditions of the surface of the product, use 1-2 mm drill to drill many small holes in the low recess that does not affect the packaging pattern of the product. If it is a product such as a package, it is necessary to drill some small holes in the periphery. When the blister machine is in the production of plastic, it can extract the air and drill the hole in the mold.

Finally, the gypsum mold has to be hardened, and the hardening treatment method is to soak it with a concentrated solution of concentrated alum and dry it.

2. After the mold is completely dried, the prepared mold is placed on the upper iron plate of the vacuum chamber, and then the plastic sheet is loaded into a suitable size according to the size of the mold, and then the sheet is placed in a heating wooden cabinet to make it It is completely fixed, and then the wooden cabinet and the plastic sheet are placed on a constant temperature furnace for softening treatment.

3. Put the softened plastic sheet together with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber, activate the suction switch, and vacuum the vacuum chamber air. After the plastic sheet is cooled, the same concave package or process mold as the mold is obtained.

4. Blister packaging and finishing, the products produced by the blister machine are trimmed and finished as finished products, which can be sold after being packaged.

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