Mold Debugging And Improvement

1. The possibility of the pre-cutting station with the pre-cutting station

The main factors affecting the drop are: pre-cut, pre-cut die. The ideal state of the pre-cutting station during work is that the pre-cut small square piece does not leave the strip during the process of feeding the auxiliary strip to the riveting station, otherwise the pre-cut amount is too much, and the pre-cut should be tried. The height of the punch; at the same time, it should be observed whether there is any material in the pre-cut die. If the material is stuck, the material of the pre-cut die is not enough to return the material, and the spring compression of the large elastic discharge bar is adjustable. The above factors are well controlled, and the problem of pre-cutting stations falling can be improved.

2. The possibility of the tabs in the riveting station also exists

The main reason is that the pre-cut amount is too small, and the small square piece is not easy to be cut when the pre-riveting position is separated from the auxiliary material belt; the height of the pre-riveting position cutting punch is not enough, resulting in poor cutting effect; the bottom dead point of the punching machine is unstable, and the mold is closed. The height is fluctuating. When the height of the closed mold becomes larger, the effect of the pre-cutting station and the pre-riveting station will be affected. When the pre-riveting station is dropped, the limit column of the mold should be used as the reference first, and the feeler is passed. Measure the change of the gap between the upper and lower mold limit posts, judge whether the mold closing height has a running position, and then gradually eliminate it. Through the above factors, the problem can be improved.

3. The auxiliary material feeding is not smooth

The pre-cutting station and the riveting station of the auxiliary material are not smooth, which can increase the stripping force of the auxiliary material belt of the station, so as to ensure that the accessory belt can be smoothly and reliably separated from the forming mechanism after each molding of the mold; When the feeding mechanism is operated, there is a phenomenon of retreating or feeding inaccurate. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the anti-return mechanism of the feeding mechanism has achieved the effect. If the retracting mechanism does not reach the role of the one-way fixing belt, try to prevent the anti-return mechanism. Move to the opposite direction of feeding of the auxiliary tape by 0.05mm-0.1mm.

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