Modularization Of Plastic Automotive Parts

Apart from the material level and production aspects, the modularization of plastic parts will be an important development direction in the future. The traditional front-end module uses nearly 20 steel stampings for welding. For this purpose, more than 50 sets of molds need to be developed, and long glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene is used to make the front-end module, and more than 20 stamping parts can be made using the press molding technology. Effectively integrated and integrated, only one set of molds can be used to complete one-off molding of the entire product. Not only achieve the goal of weight loss, but also reduce process complexity and costs.

At present, the modular focus of plastic parts is mainly concentrated on front-end modules and door modules. However, there are still dashboards, front bumper assemblies, rear bumper assemblies, seats, chassis parts, and powertrain modules. Further explore the space. For example, most car dashboards are still made of steel, but some luxury cars have begun to use a modular plastic dashboard skeleton.

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