MIG Welding And Carbon Dioxide Gas Shielded Welding

1. Characteristics of molten argon arc welding

(1) Like tungsten argon arc welding, it can weld almost all metals, especially for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper alloys and stainless steel.

(2) Because the wire is used as the electrode, the current density is large, so the welding penetration is large, and the filling metal is deposited quickly. When used for welding thick aluminum, copper and other metals, the productivity is higher than that of tungsten argon arc welding, and the weldment deformation is also small.

(3) DC reverse connection is often used, and there is good cathode atomization when welding aluminum and aluminum alloy.

2. Characteristics of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding

(1) High productivity;

(2) low cost;

(3) low energy consumption;

(4) Wide application range;

(5) Strong anti-rust ability;

(6) The arc is slag-free, and the molten pool is easy to monitor and control, which is beneficial to mechanization and automation of the welding process.

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