Micro-Molding Materials And Micro-Mold Manufacturing

At micro-dimensions, various properties of the material have changed, and theoretical models at the macroscopic level can no longer be used to explain changes in materials during micro-forming.

Therefore, experiments are needed to study the effects of material grain, surface grain and internal grain size, and material anisotropy during microforming, and establish a theoretical model in microforming.

Although some micro-molds have been successfully developed, the manufacture of micro-mold is still an important factor restricting the development of micro-forming technology. Because it is really difficult to create such a small processing contour, especially an extrusion die that requires smooth and full surface quality is more difficult to manufacture.

In addition, this is closely related to the miniaturization of processing machines. For example, the gap between the lathe parts that can be neglected in conventional machining and the gap between the gears may seriously affect the precision of the production of the micro parts.

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