Micro Injection Molding Technology

The micro-injection forming technology can be divided into two types according to the use of material objects, one is micro-injection molding technology using plastic as an injection material, and the other is powder micro-injection forming technology using metal powder as an injection material.

Micro-injection molding technology is actually the miniaturization of traditional injection molding technology, first appeared in the 1980s, mainly used in the watch and camera industry.

Battenfeld, the German manufacturer of injection molding machines, manufactures the first fully electronically driven injection molding machine Microsystem50, which is suitable for use in watches, MEMS and biomechanical manufacturing. The quality of molded parts is less than 0.1g and the diameter of injection plungers is only 5mm.

The Plastics Processing Institute of the Aachen University of Technology in Germany has designed and manufactured a new micro-injection molding concept machine with a smaller injection volume than the Microsystem 50, which can be less than 0.01g.

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