Metal Powder Injection Molding Structure

The microstructure of the injection molded metal has the following characteristics:

(1) High tissue density. Since the sprayed metal droplets are sequentially splashed and impact-deformed, sequentially self-melting and solidifying, it is easy to fully fill and close the pores, so the material structure pores are few and small.

(2) The material organization holes are not penetrated each other, and the relative density can be as high as 95% – 98%, which is higher than the density index of ordinary powder metallurgy parts.

(3) The crystal grains are fine and uniform. Since the atomized droplet diameter distribution is about 100Hm, the heat dissipating surface area is large, and the cooling is extremely fast, so that a fine uniform grain structure can be formed.

(4) The metal droplets collide with the depositor to accelerate solidification, deposition, and finally form microcrystalline structure, which retains the excellent performance of the powder high speed steel.

(5) Compared with the traditional press forming process, the material microstructure is more uniform, higher density and better performance.

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