Medical Spring Bottle With New Injectionn Blow Process

Spring bottles on the market, which were produced with conventional techniques, have many disadvantages: for example, there are defects such as burrs, undercuts on the bottom, poor thread sizes at the mouth, poor sealing, uneven wall thickness, and thick stitch lines. It is important that secondary processing is required, which is difficult to meet with the GMP production environment where manpower is not in contact.

After continuous exploration and research and development of the Vida Machinery Technology Department, it was found that this type of spring bottle can be completely processed by the injection blow process. The injection spring bottle has a uniform wall thickness, a better elastic feel, a beautiful appearance, and the mouth also maintains the advantages of injection and blowing, precise dimensions, and good sealing performance. For production enterprises, injection blow molding is a molding process. No redundant outlet material requires secondary processing, which avoids pollution sources in the production process, and also saves material costs and labor costs.

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