Laser Rapid Prototyping Technology

(4) Laser cladding forming (LCF) technology

Its working principle is basically the same as other rapid prototyping technologies. The difference is that laser cladding forming can make very dense metal parts, and its strength can reach or exceed the parts produced by conventional casting or forging methods, so it has a good application prospect.

(5) Laser sheet laminate manufacturing (LOM) technology

It is a new type of rapid prototyping technology commonly used to make molds. The LOM technology produces a die, which costs about 1/2 less than the conventional method, and the production cycle is greatly shortened. It is used to make composite molds, thin material molds, progressive molds, etc., and the economic benefits are also very significant.

(6) Laser induced thermal stress forming (LF) technology

The principle is based on the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of the metal, that is, uneven heating of the material to produce predetermined plastic deformation. This technology has been applied to the flexible leveling of automotive panels and the formation of other shaped parts.

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