Key Points For Test Mode

When we received a new mold and needed proofing, we were always eager to try out a result earlier and pray for a smooth process to avoid wasting work and causing trouble. But here we must remind two points.

First, the mold is inspected on the mold as soon as it is opened, confirming that all the mechanisms of the mold are smooth. If you find a problem, stop the action immediately, so as not to cause unnecessary serious consequences. If there is no problem, the reciprocating action will be repeated several times before proceeding to the next action.

Second, before the injection operation, the mold lock force is confirmed. The first molded product can only shoot 80% of the saturated mold. If there is no problem, try the mold under normal conditions, confirm that the sample meets the customer’s standard, and then carry out the next high and low voltage test. The mold was analyzed at a high pressure of 20 PMa under normal conditions and a low pressure of 10 PMa under normal conditions. Note that all actions must start from the low pressure low band.

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