Injection Molding Machine Special Robot Classification

For the robots used in injection molding, they can generally be divided into the following three types according to their functions:

1. Simple injection molding robot

Simple injection molding robots can be divided into fixed mode program type and variable program type. Fixed-program injection molding machine manipulators cannot change their working procedures. It has a retractable, mobile arm that uses automatic controls for simple, specs and repeatable movements. The working procedure of the variable-programming injection molding machine manipulator can be changed, generally pneumatic or hydraulic. The structure is simple, the program is relatively easy to change, and is mostly used for point control. In recent years, programmable controllers or microcomputers have been widely used to form control systems, which expands their application range.

2. Memory reproduction type injection molding robot

This kind of manipulator has the ability of memory and variable program, mostly electro-hydraulic servo drive, with more degrees of freedom, and can make more complicated work.

3. Intelligent injection molding robot

This robot is controlled by a computer through a variety of sensors, with visual, tactile and thermal sensing capabilities. It can perform a variety of operations and is the most capable robot.

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