Important Features Of Rapid Prototyping Technology

1. Can make arbitrarily complex 3D geometric entities

Thanks to the principle of discrete/stacking, it simplifies a very complex 3D manufacturing process into a superposition of 2D processes, enabling the machining of arbitrarily complex shaped parts. The more complex the part, the more it shows the superiority of RP technology. In addition, the RP technology is particularly suitable for parts that are difficult to manufacture or even impossible to manufacture by conventional methods such as complex cavities and complex profiles.

2. Rapidity

Design and processing information for a new part can be obtained by modifying or reorganizing a CAD model. Parts can be manufactured from a few hours to tens of hours, with outstanding features for rapid manufacturing.

3. Highly flexible

Complicate manufacturing processes, rapid manufacturing of models, prototypes or parts without the need for any special fixtures or tools.

4. Compatibility

Combined with CAD technology, network technology, virtual reality, etc., it has become a powerful tool for rapid product development.

5. Realized two advanced goals of the mechanical engineering discipline

That is, the extraction of materials (gas, liquid, solid phase) process and manufacturing process integration and design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) integration.

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