How To Properly Maintain Rubber Molds

Everything has a certain life span. In order to extend the service life, we need to know how to maintain it properly. The following is about the correct maintenance of rubber molds.

First, the regular maintenance of the mold wear curve is present in each mold. Mold repair is an abnormal wear in the field of realization, and the amount of press processing is easy to learn during this time. When the number of processing is met, the maintenance of the mold and the maintenance plan are not only easy to learn maintenance items, but also easy to control the maintenance time.

Second, improved maintenance In order to extend the life of the mold, stabilize the quality, and easy maintenance, the modified part mold is specially maintained.

Third, routine maintenance refers to the cleaning, inspection, and movement of normal rubber molds. This work usually confirms that the mold is in a normal state and can detect anomalies early.

Finally, there will be some changes in the rubber mold processing for accident state maintenance, and the country cannot continue to use it. For example, the burrs become larger and the wrong size, such as scars, burning of mold parts. Because the similar abnormality starts the repair and maintenance of the mold, it is called an accident. This type of maintenance is usually used up to near the limit, and if the cost of rubber mold maintenance is more important, life is a short mold. Because this is a sudden maintenance, there must be a device in the planned stop, and emergency repairs.

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