How To Judge Whether The Mold Is Invalid?

Mold failure refers to the loss of normal working ability of the mold, and refers to the phenomenon that the working part of the mold is seriously worn or damaged and cannot be re-commissioned by the general repair method (sharpening, polishing).

Die life refers to the number of times the mold can be processed from normal service to inevitable failure. If the mold needs to be sharpened or refurbished during use, the total mold life is the sum of the number of parts processed in each sharpening or refurbishing interval.

The failure modes mainly include fracture, excessive deformation, surface damage and hot and cold fatigue. The hot and cold fatigue mainly occurs in the hot working mold, and does not appear in the cold working mold; the other three forms may appear on the cold and hot working molds.

In the working process, the mold may also have multiple forms of damage at the same time, and penetrate each other, promote each other, and develop each other, and when some damage causes the mold to lose normal function, the mold fails.

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