How To Improve The Flexibility Of Plastics?

Intuitively, the flexibility of plastic refers to the softness of plastic products, that is, the softer the plastic products, the better the flexibility. In polymer physics, flexibility is defined as the property of a polymer chain to change its uniformity. The flexibility of a plastic depends on the molecular chain structure of its polymer.

1. Add plasticizer

Plasticizer refers to a kind of substance which can improve the plasticity of polymer. It is mainly used for PVC resin. The amount of PVC can be more than 98% of the total amount of plasticizer. In addition to PVC, plasticizers are also used in polymers such as PVDC, CPE, SBS, polyvinyl acetate, nitrocellulose, PA, ABS and PVA.

2. The main effects of plasticizers are as follows:

a. reducing the melting temperature of the polymer and the viscosity of the melt, thereby reducing the molding processing temperature;

b. The polymer article has softness, elasticity and low temperature resistance.

3. The specific mechanism of action of plasticizers is as follows:

a. volume effect;

b. Shielding effect.

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