How To Design The Structural Unit Of Die Casting Mold?

There are many steps in die-casting mold forming. How to make the structural unit of die-casting mold?

1.Forming part

The parts that make up the cavity include: fixed and movable inserts and cores.

2. Formwork

Various formwork, frame and other structural parts. The function is to combine and fix the various parts of the mold according to a certain regularity and position, and to enable the mold to be mounted on the die casting machine.

3. Guide parts

Accurately guide the movable mold and the fixed mold to close or separate.

4. Ejection mechanism

The mechanism for removing the casting from the mold, including the ejector and reset parts, also includes the mechanism’s own guiding and positioning parts.

5. Gating system

It is connected with the forming portion and the pressure chamber to guide the molten metal into the cavity portion of the mold in a certain direction, which directly affects the speed and pressure of the molten metal entering the forming portion. It consists of sprues, runners and ingates.

6. Excretion system

It is a passage for removing gas in the pressure chamber, runner and cavity, including the exhaust groove and the overflow groove.

7. Other

Bolts for fastening, pins, positioning parts for positioning, etc.

The permanent core pulling mechanism is required due to the shape and structural requirements of the casting. In order to keep the distribution of the mold temperature field in accordance with the needs of the process, a cooling device or a cooling-heating device is also provided in the mold.

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