How 3D Printing Technology Is Used In The Mold Manufacturing Industry ?

Today, 3D printing and a variety of printing materials (plastics, rubber, composites, metals, waxes, and sand) have brought great convenience to many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and healthcare. Many companies have 3D printing is integrated into its supply chain, which also includes mold making.

So, what benefits can mold manufacturing get from 3D printing technology?

In fact, the following aspects of mold manufacturing are able to use 3D printing technology:

(1) Forming (blow molding, LSR, RTV, EPS, injection molding, pulp mold, soluble core, FRP mold, etc.).

(2) mold (fusion mold, sand mold, spinning, etc.).

(3) Metal forming (thermoforming, metal hydroforming, etc.).

(4) Machining, assembly and inspection (fixed fixtures, mobile fixtures, modular fixtures, etc.).

(5) Robot end effector (clamp).

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