Highlights Of High-Gloss Molds

The high-gloss mold controls the mold temperature through the mold temperature machine, and the hot runner, solenoid valve and time relay control the time-division glue to produce high-end products with defects such as bright surface, no shrinkage and no weld mark.

High-gloss molds generally have the following characteristics:

1. The mold molding temperature is high (generally 80-90 degrees)

The pressure-holding molding at a high mold temperature is advantageous for eliminating defects such as weld lines, flow marks, and internal stress of the product. Therefore, the mold needs to be heat treated during operation, and in order to prevent heat loss, a resin heat insulation board is usually added on the fixed mold side.

2. The cavity surface is extremely bright (generally mirror level 2 or higher)

The products produced by Gaoguang Mould can be directly used for installation without any surface treatment. Therefore, it has high requirements for mold steel and plastic materials.

3. Hot runner system has more hot nozzles (generally 6-8 nozzles, sometimes more)

Each hot nozzle must be equipped with a sealing needle and has an independent air passage. It is separately controlled by a solenoid valve and a time relay to realize time-divisional feeding, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling or even eliminating the welding mark.

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