Heat Treatable And Non-Heat-Type Material Classification

Generally, which mold material is selected is determined by the composition of the molding resin and the number of die casting. That is to say, the amount of glass fiber in the resin (hereinafter referred to as GF) and the amount of die casting are important factors in selecting a mold material.

According to the actual operation in the past, a heat treatment type containing 35% GF and a heat treatment type of 500,000 (times) or less and a heat treatment type of 500,000 or less can be used as a boundary.

For example, if 30% or less of the resin is used for 30,000 times or less, and the pre-hardened steel of 30-32HRC is subjected to N treatment, and if the resin containing 35% of GF is molded 500,000 times, Under the conditions of N- and PVD coating of 40HRC pre-hardened steel, the target die-casting quantity can be achieved even without using heat-treated materials.

Of course, for the die casting mold containing 70%-50% GF resin for 700,000 times, the base material must be subjected to high hardness heat treatment, and N and PVD composite treatments are required, and many molds of Japan Fujitsu Industrial Co., Ltd. are carried out. This kind of processing.

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