General Process Of Mold Processing

The process of mold processing is relatively complicated, generally including mold blank preparation → part roughing → semi-finishing → heat treatment → finishing → cavity surface treatment → mold assembly → machine debugging. In the blank preparation stage, the corresponding blanks are provided for the mold parts, and the processing technology is established. Of course, the processing technology is determined according to the precision requirements of the parts and the types of materials.

Some mold parts need to be polished and trimmed during the assembly process. The main content of the mold assembly is to assemble the finished mold parts and standard parts into a complete mold according to the requirements of the total assembly drawing of the mold. After the test, some parts need to be adjusted and trimmed so that the parts produced by the mold meet the requirements of the drawings, and the mold can work normally continuously, and the processing of the mold is completed.

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