Form And Cause Analysis Of Die Casting Failure

From the mold material, heat treatment, design, manufacturing and processing, from the die-casting process, production operations, mold maintenance and other aspects, to analyze the form that causes the mold failure.

The main forms that cause the die-casting mold to fail are:

1. The alternating stress of thermal expansion and contraction, long-term frequent repeated cycles, thermal fatigue crack cracks appear on the surface of the mold.

2. The overall cracking and breakage of the mold due to thermal stress and mechanical stress.

3. Under the action of pressure and thermal stress, the mold will crack at the weakest point of the strength, causing the cavity to break.

4. Chemical corrosion, mechanical wear, erosion erosion, mold erosion caused by melt erosion.

5. Plastic deformation caused by the mold clamping, ferrule pressure and filling pressure.

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