Flux Cored Wire Gas Shielded Welding

Flux cored wire gas shielded welding is commonly used to weld carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron.


(1) Combined protection of gas and slag, the weld bead is beautifully formed, the arc stability is good, the spatter is small and the particles are fine.

(2) The welding wire is fast, the deposition efficiency (85%~90%) and productivity are high.

(3) Wide range of weldable metal materials.

(4) The anti-porosity is stronger than the solid wire carbon dioxide welding.

2. Faults

In addition to the complicated manufacturing process of the flux-cored wire and the difficulty in wire feeding than the solid wire, the outer surface of the flux-cored wire is easily rusted, and the powder contained in the outer skin is easy to absorb moisture. Before use, the flux-cored wire must be baked at a temperature of 250~300 °C. Otherwise, the moisture absorbed in the powder will form pores in the weld.

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