Finished Mucous Membrane Possible Causes And Treatment Countermeasures

(1) The filler is too full to reduce the injection dose, time and speed;

(2) The injection pressure or the barrel temperature is too high to reduce the injection pressure or the barrel temperature;

(3) The pressure keeping time is too long to reduce the holding time;

(4) The injection speed is too fast to reduce the injection speed;

(5) Uneven feeding causes partial saturation to change the size or position of the overflow;

(6) insufficient cooling time to increase the cooling time;

(7) The mold temperature is too high or too low to adjust the mold temperature and the relative temperature on both sides;

(8) There is a mold undercut in the mold to repair the mold to remove the chamfer;

(9) The multi-cavity mold inlet is unbalanced, or the inlet of each single-hole mold unbalances the plastic flow, as close as possible to the main channel;

(10) Poor design of the demoulding part of the probe tube provides a sufficient air passage;

(11) The screw advancement time is too long to reduce the screw advance time;

(12) The mold core is misaligned to adjust the mold core, and the “retraction” angle is used to lock the mold;

(13) The surface of the mold is too rough to light the surface of the cavity, and the release agent is sprayed.

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