Extruder Scorch Analysis

First, the phenomenon of scorching is as follows.

(1) The temperature reflects ultra-high, or the temperature of the control of the instrument fails, causing the plastic ultra-high temperature and scorch.

(2) The rubber exit of the nose has large smoke, strong irritating odors, and buzz.

(3) Particulate scorch appears on the plastic surface.

(4) There is a continuous air hole at the glue joint.

Second, the cause of scorching

(1) Ultra-high temperature control causes plastic scorch.

(2) The screw is used for a long time without cleaning, and the burned material accumulates and is extruded with the plastic.

(3) The heating time is too long. The long-term heating of the plastic accumulation will cause the plastic to deteriorate and scorch.

(4) The parking time is too long, there is no cleaning head and screw, causing the plastic to decompose scorch.

(5) Change the mold or change color several times, causing the plastic to decompose scorch.

(6) The head gland is not compacted, and the plastic decomposes during aging.

Third, eliminate the scorching method

(1) Check if the heating system is normal

(2) Clean the screw or machine head regularly and thoroughly clean it.

(3) According to the requirements of the heating process, the heating time should not be too long. If there is a problem with the heating system, it should be promptly found by relevant personnel.

(4) Change the mold or color change promptly and cleanly to prevent variegated color or plastic scorching.

(5) After adjusting the mold, the mold cover should be pressed tightly to prevent the glue from entering.

(6) Found scorch should immediately clean the head and screw.

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