Double Material Injection Mold Design

The general two-material product can be manufactured by a single-color injection molding machine. Basically, one injection molding machine can be used. However, the post-processing process is quite time-consuming and complicated, directly affecting the quality of the product, and the total production cost is not economical. In addition to the corresponding changes in the injection molding machine, the mold design process is the soul of the whole technology. The mold is rotated and displaced to achieve the effect of simultaneous injection of different materials.

The mold design is roughly divided into two types. The first type has two mold cavities. The rotation mode is used to transfer the semi-molded module to 180 degrees into another cavity. The advantage is that the first and second processes can be performed simultaneously; One type is a single cavity, and the semi-finished product is rotated 180 degrees along with the mold.

The design is relatively simple, but the production efficiency is correspondingly reduced. Since the mold or semi-finished product needs to be rotated, the mold design and the requirements of the injection molding machine are more precise. In addition, due to the high variability of double-material injection molding, it is necessary to achieve smooth production and meet the expected ideals. All mold design must be considered in parallel with product design, and the specifications of the popular dual-material injection molding machine are not uniform, resulting in mold design. More questions to consider; plus less versatility, mold makers must pay more attention.

Double material products are generally made of hard plastics such as ABS and PC, and TPE soft plastics. They are suitable for making tableware, tool handles, case, telephone casing and buttons. This makes the production company must pay attention to three points in technology: the fusion of the two types of materials, the complexity of the product and the adjustment of the injection molding machine. For example, due to cost or application, there may be no good adhesion between the materials used, and double material injection usually requires more debugging work in this area.


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