Domestic Automotive Plastics Needs To Be Further Improved

According to the development plan of the Chinese automobile industry, by 2020 the domestic automobile output will reach more than 30 million, and in 2025 it will exceed 30 million. The huge increase in vehicle capacity is inseparable from the progress of automotive materials. As far as the current development is concerned, the amount of domestic automotive plastics used and the quality of development needs to be further improved.

In order to comply with people’s requirements for automobile safety and environmental protection, there will be room for further advancement in functional structural parts, interior trim parts and exterior trim parts of automotive plastics in the future. Examples include the development of structural parts, reinforced plastics for exterior parts, engineering plastics, and high-performance composite materials to improve the environmental protection of interior materials and reduce VOCs. In the production process, the modularization and thinning can strengthen the advantages of plastic parts and further enhance the lightweight process of automobiles.

Although there are still gaps in the strength and texture of plastic parts, it still has room for further growth under the blessing of new technologies. In particular, when the active safety technology of the car is improved, the hidden dangers of low collision safety of plastic parts will also be alleviated. With the vigorous development of the new energy market, the further increase of mileage has become a stimulus for the growth of the use of plastic products.

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