Die Damage And Repair For Common Failure Analysis Of Stamping Dies

The cost of the stamping production tool is high, and usually the mold cost accounts for 1/5-1/4 of the total cost of the parts. This is because, in addition to the difficulty of mold manufacturing, high cost, the cost of mold repair and sharpening maintenance after putting into production is also expensive, and the original cost of the mold only accounts for about 40% of the cost of the entire mold. Therefore, timely maintenance of molds to prevent mold damage can greatly reduce the cost of stamping production molds.

In general, after the mold is damaged, there is also a choice of maintenance and scrapping options. When the non-natural wear and tear failure of the stamping die, such as the destruction of non-critical parts, as well as the small punch fracture, punch upsetting, concave template cracking, punching edge cracking failure. Most of them can be completely restored to their normal state by means of maintenance, and they are put back into stamping production. However, when the critical parts of the mold have been seriously damaged and the convex and concave molds are damaged at the same time, the cost for one-time repair will exceed 70% of the original cost of the stamps; or if the life of the molds is near, the significance of the repair is not significant. At this time, consideration should be given to scrapping. Die (except large-scale molds, complex structure of the continuous die); when the mold repair technology is too complex, repair costs too much, the difficulty is bound to make the maintenance cycle is too long, seriously affect the normal production of stamping, then should choose early failure Retired, remanufacturing the mold.

Stamping production efficiency and cost depend heavily on the mold. For the failure of the mold in the production process, specific problems should be specifically analyzed, a correct maintenance plan should be formulated, and problems such as mold damage, jamming, sharpening, and product quality defects should be promptly solved. Dealing with the relationship between mold maintenance and scrapping can reduce the time to suspend production and repair mold, shorten the production cycle, and ensure the normal production of stamping production.

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