Common Ways To Improve Plating What?

3. Control ABS and components

In the ABS resin, the 1,3-butadiene rubber particles are in a dispersed phase, and the SAN is a continuous phase. It was observed under an electron microscope that the butadiene rubber phase was uniformly spherically embedded in the acrylonitrile-styrene resin phase. In chemical coarsening, the rubber phase is oxidized and eroded, while the continuous resin phase surface leaves a large number of tiny holes.

It is these holes that allow the coating to be anchored to the plastic surface for good bonding. Therefore, the concentration of butadiene and the dispersion of rubber particles are important for the overall effect. The dispersion of butadiene or large or small particles is considered to be the most important aspect. ABS plastics used for electroplating require a butadiene content of between 18% and 23%.

4. Improve liquidity

The fluidity of the material is also critical, as the high fluidity guarantees the high gloss of the blanks and ensures that the plating is free of pitting.

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