Casting Process

1. Selection principle of pouring position

1) The important working surface or working surface of the casting should be downward. If it is difficult to achieve downward, it should be placed on the side as far as possible.

2) The large plane of the casting should be as far as possible.

3) Most of the thin walls of the casting should be located in the lower part of the mold or in a vertical or inclined position to prevent under- or cold separation.

4) The thicker part of the casting should be placed on the upper part or the side near the parting surface as much as possible, so that it is easy to set up the riser for feeding.

2. Selection principle of casting parting surface

1) It should be easy to start the mold, simplify the modeling process, minimize the parting surface, and avoid unnecessary living blocks and cores.

2) All or most of the castings should be placed in the same box mold as much as possible to ensure the accuracy. Generally at the largest interface.

3) Try to make the cavity and the main core in the lower box as much as possible, which is convenient for modeling, lower core, combined box and inspection of the wall thickness of the casting.

3. Casting processability of part structure

1) The casting structure should simplify the process.

2) The structural stress of the casting should be suitable for the performance requirements of the component.

3) Avoid excessive horizontal levels on the casting as much as possible.

4) Use a symmetrical or reinforced rib structure.

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