Application Of Rapid Prototyping Technology In Casting

Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology is currently the focus of attention in the international molding process. Casting as a traditional process, with low manufacturing cost and high process flexibility, can obtain complex shapes and large castings. Fully exerting the characteristics and advantages of both, we can achieve objective economic benefits in the trial production of new products.

Rapid prototyping technology quickly provides the wax pattern or vanishing mold required for precision forging, as well as wood or sand molds for sand forging. It solves the frustrations of traditional molds such as wax molds or wood molds, such as long preparation period, large investment and difficulty in making curved surfaces.

Precision forging technology (including gypsum forging) and sand forging technology are very mature technologies in China. The organic combination of these two technologies has achieved low cost and high efficiency and achieved rapid manufacturing.

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