Application Of Electron Beam Rapid Prototyping Technology

The electron beam rapid prototyping technology using electron beam as a processing heat source can not only prepare a three-dimensional structure of titanium alloy, but also has great advantages in preparing a porous structural material.

According to the differences in its characteristics and performance, it can be divided into two types.

One type is electron beam melting technology, which can directly obtain shaped parts with a density of 100% by layering layers by melting the powder selection area. Electron beam melting technology is more suitable for the preparation of porous metal materials. In fact, many countries have also developed rapid prototyping equipment based on this process, and have been promoted in the formation of complex shapes and porous materials.

The other type is the electron beam entity manufacturing technology. In various processes, the electron beam needs to be fixed and not understood, and is moved by the control function of the computer. The processing material is melted by the electron beam through the configured conveying mechanism, and then stacked to form a product model.

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