Analysis Of The Causes Of Mold Burst

1. The mold material is not easy to be broken during subsequent processing.

2. Heat treatment: improper quenching and tempering process produces deformation.

3. The mold is not flat enough to produce flexural deformation.

4. Design process: the mold strength is not enough, the knife edge spacing is too close, the mold structure is not reasonable, the number of template blocks is not enough without padding.

5. The wire cutting is improperly handled: the wire is cut, the gap is not correct, and no clear angle is made.

6. Selection of punching equipment: punching tonnage, punching force is not enough, and the mold is too deep.

7. Unsatisfactory material removal: no demagnetization treatment before production, no material tip; in the production, there are broken needles and other springs.

8. Unsatisfactory blanking: no leakage when assembling the mold, or rolling material, foot block material, etc.

9. Production awareness: lamination stamping, positioning is not in place, no air blow gun is used, and the template has cracks and continues to be produced.

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