Analysis Of Common Faults In Stamping Dies

In the stamping process, once mold clamping is inflexible or even stuck, it is necessary to immediately stop production, find the cause of the card mold, and troubleshoot. Otherwise, it will expand the fault and cause damage to the mold.

The main causes of the card die are: poor mold guiding, tilting; or foreign matter between the templates, so that the template can not be flat; mold strength design is not enough or uneven force, resulting in deformation of the mold.

For example, the hardness and thickness of die holders and stencils are too small to be easily deformed by external forces; the position of the die is not installed correctly, and the positioning error of the upper and lower dies is not good enough; or the precision of the press is too bad, causing the interference of the die; the strength of the punches. Not enough, the size of the punch is too close, so that the lateral force of the mold is not balanced. At this time, the strength of the punch should be increased to enhance the guide and protection of the stripper plate.

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