Analysis Of Advantages Of Mold Injection Blow Molding

1. When the melt is injected into the cavity of the parison mold, it is subjected to a certain orientation effect in the circumferential direction. In addition, the temperature at which the parison is inflated is lower than that of the extrusion blow molding, and the orientation effect by the inflation can be retained more, which contributes to the improvement of the strength and the like of the container.

2. The container size (especially the neck thread size) is highly accurate, and it is easier to ensure the uniformity of the wall thickness of the container as required, and the container specifications are uniform.

3. No joints are formed on the container, no trimming is required, and no scrap is generally produced (the scrap produced by extrusion blow molding is usually 5% to 30%).

4. The container has a high gloss, and the container formed by the transparent polymer is always transparent.

5. The sliding bottom module can be set on the blow mold, so the design of the shape of the bottom of the container is more flexible.

6. It is more suitable for forming rigid plastic containers and wide mouth containers.

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