Alternate Injection Molding

Alternate injection molding alternately injects the same plastic component of two different colors into the same cavity. Both colors are placed in a special mixing nozzle before entering the mold. The two-color components are mixed to form a color effect. The two colors can be purposefully mixed to configure.

In the alternate injection molding process, the two injection units are joined together by a special alternating injection unit with a mixing nozzle. The unit is mounted on a fixed installation of the machine and is therefore in front of the mold. Factors that affect the final color include the cycle sequence, the design of the molded part, the location of the gate, and the flow characteristics of the material.

In addition to the injection rate, simultaneous injection molding or alternating injection molding is also one of the decisive parameters. There is a special alternating injection molding program in the SELOGICA controller that manages the cycle sequence and material control. The same machine can be used for two-component injection molding as long as the alternating injection unit is removed.

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