Advantages Of Two-Shot Co-Injection Molding

Nowadays, the styles of consumer products are ever-changing. They must be beautiful in appearance and exquisite in design, and they must quickly meet the market demand. Designers generally use different materials in different parts of the consumer product for different purposes to meet the needs of specific environments, to extend product life, increase aesthetics and practicality. This practical design requirement will undoubtedly lead to complicated production technology, and the double material injection molding process is born in response to this trend.

The two-shot molding mainly produces two-shot products by two moldings of two-shot forming machine and two sets of molds in two steps. Compared with traditional injection molding, the two-shot co-injection molding process has the following advantages:

(1) The core material can use low viscosity materials to reduce the injection pressure.

(2) From the perspective of environmental protection, the core material can use recycled secondary materials.

(3) According to different use characteristics, such as the use of soft materials for thick parts of the finished skin material, the use of hard materials or core materials for the core material can use foamed plastic to reduce the weight.

(4) Lower quality core materials can be utilized to reduce costs.

(5) The skin material or core material can be expensive and has special surface properties such as electromagnetic wave interference resistance and high electrical conductivity to increase product performance.

(6) Proper cortical material and core material can reduce the residual stress of the molded product, increase the mechanical strength or the surface properties of the product.

(7) Producing products such as marbled roads.

From the characteristics and application of multi-color injection molding and double-material co-injection molding, it can be seen that there is a tendency to gradually replace the traditional injection molding process in the future. Innovative injection molding technology not only improves the precision of the injection molding process, provides highly difficult process technology, but also opens up the scope of the injection molding process. Innovative injection equipment and processes are sufficient to meet the increasingly diverse, high-quality, high value-added product needs.

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