Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Melt Deposition Molding (FDM) Process


(1) Due to the simple construction principle and operation of the hot melt extrusion head system, the maintenance cost is low and the system is safe to operate.

(2) The molding speed is fast. The product produced by the fused deposition method does not require the scraper reprocessing in the SLA.

(3) Prototypes of parts molded with wax can be directly used for investment casting.

(4) It can form parts of any complexity, and is often used to form parts with complicated internal cavities and holes.

(5) There is no chemical change in the raw material during the molding process, and the warpage of the workpiece is small.

(6) High raw material utilization rate and long material life.

(7) Support removal is simple, chemical cleaning is not required, and separation is easy.


(1) The surface of the molded part has a relatively obvious streak.

(2) The strength along the vertical direction of the forming axis is relatively weak.

(3) Design and production of support structures are required.

(4) It is necessary to scan and coat the entire cross section, and the molding time is long, and the deformation of the prototype is formed due to the change of the physical state.

(5) Raw materials are expensive.

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