3D Printing Technology Consulting Services

The rapid development of the 3D printing market has led to rapid technological development. However, many companies interested in adopting 3D printing technology do not have in-depth understanding of related applications. Wantong will grasp this business opportunity and do its best to promote the development of industrial innovation.

According to Wang Yiting, Marketing Manager of Wantong Group International Co., Ltd., Wantong’s position in the 3D printing market is a total solution that covers all aspects of 3D printing technology, and provides 3D printing to production and the selection of materials and custom wire development. And other consulting services.She explained: “When customers plan to use 3D printing technology, the company starts with the project and works closely with customers. For example, if a customer plans to produce a part, but only knows the demand for the finished part, the company will choose from the early stages of design and material selection. The later mold design, as well as the production process and logistics support, make all-round follow-up.

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