Yizumi-HPM Sells Large Tonnage Two-Plate Injection Molding Machine

Yizumi-HPM, a North American company, has successfully sold a 3,500-ton two-plate injection molding machine, UN3500DP-N-75500. The buyer is focused on the production of Otto Environmental Systems, a manufacturer of household, commercial and supermarket-specific waste bins.

It is reported that this new large-tonnage Yizumi injection molding machine will be used to produce garbage bins of 65 gallons and 95 gallons.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide high-volume mold systems for leading US dustbin manufacturers,” said Bill Duff, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Yizumi-HPM. “We provide the highest value technology, quality and engineering services at the right price.”

The new UN3500DP-N-75500 injection molding machine will allow Otto Environmental to significantly increase cycle times and productivity. Otto Environmental Purchasing Director Michael Henry said, “We are very pleased to be able to work with Yizumi-HPM, which is high by Yizumi-HPM. The Value Package not only meets our financial and warranty requirements, but also provides the best performance and cycle time.

It is reported that the injection molding machine equipment provided by Yizumi-HPM also includes a complete automated production line with 5-axis servo robot, safety shield and conveyor belt.

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