Wittmann Presents New Developments

One of the highlights is the company’s first vertical injection molding machine VPower designed by PowerSeries. VPower is ergonomically designed with a low working height and high energy efficiency. The machine’s large rotary table is driven by a standard servo motor drive. The machine is flexible because the injection point can be converted from vertical to horizontal and vice versa even after commissioning.

Thanks to its open design, the VPower vertical machine is ideal for integrating automation systems with built-in feed systems and finished product removal devices.

Wittmann also demonstrated the upgraded design of the robot series WX and PRIMUS. For example, the design upgrade of the WX series with R9 control unit includes: vertical structure anodizing and two-color (expansion) device, B servo motor integrated into vertical structure, vacuum forming cover and so on.

Wittmann also demonstrated the full integration of Wittmann 4.0 with Smart Production MES. WITTMANN BATTENFELD has expanded Wittmann 4.0 specific features in TEMI+ software by working with ICE-flex, a manufacturer of Italian company MES software TEMI.

General Manager Michael Wittmann said that the key data for the injection molding machine interface is now available for evaluation using Wittmann 4.0 with TEMI+.

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