Weight Measurement And Thrust Transfer For Assisted Rotomolding Equipment

Combined with the Powderspeed system (for long-distance transport of powder and non-powder materials) with the Rotodosing system (guaranteed the ideal weight of each mold). The solution provided by DEGA can effectively solve the problem of increased cost due to material waste during the production phase.

The production cycle for each die of different weights is guaranteed by dedicated software, which in some cases is supported by a bar code reader that identifies each mold. In other cases, it is supported by a driver that communicates with the client management software, which reduces cycle time and avoids any input errors from the operator.

The function of this device is very simple. The amount of material to be metered by the DEGA system and the type of material to be transported (if the customer uses multiple materials) is notified by an option in the bar code reader or customer management software. Subsequently, the material stored in the large bag or the dedicated container is taken out and transported to a weighing storage container placed in the material preparation area.

Once the material has reached the desired weight, it is delivered to a container placed over the mold area. The container is connected to all the molds by a flexible pipe.

The system visual signal informs the operator that the material has been completely transported and can be fed to the specified mold. At this point, the operator sends a pulse signal to the system, and the system opens the valve below the container to supply the correct amount of material to the mold. At the same time, the system itself is ready for the next feed.

For each mold, the management software not only can control the weight of the program, but also can control the type or color of the material, and control the compound made of different materials to obtain special effects (such as ancient stone effect, wood effect, clay effect). Wait). The material can even be transported over long distances (over 50 meters) without affecting the material weight accuracy.

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