WACKER Will Launch 3D Printing Lab In The US By The End Of This Year

The Munich-based Wacker Chemie AG expands the ACEO® brand of silicone 3D printing services and will open a new 3D printing laboratory in the United States.

The lab is located at WACKER’s Silicone R&D Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, and is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of this year. It is the first institution of the ACEO® brand outside Germany, and the 3D silicone components are from Borg. The Hausen ACEO® Park is responsible for production. The growing demand for additive manufacturing technology products and services in the North American market is the main reason why WACKER has invested millions of dollars in the construction of the laboratory.

The new 3D printing lab features two high-performance 3D printers that print silicone elastomers in different colors and different Shore A hardnesses, including anti-media FVMQ silicones. WACKER’s ACEO® 3D printing technology enables innovative design and construction of complex components, as well as low-cost, low-volume production and spare parts production.

WACKER will promote ACEO® technology worldwide in the future. Mr. Bernd Pachaly, ACEO® project leader, stressed: “The Ann Arbor Print Lab is the first milestone here. The 3D printing market in North America is the largest and most active. After the new print lab is built, we will be able to Good to show local business partners the broad application possibilities of liquid silicone rubber 3D printing technology.”

The ACEO® Center Park in Burghausen, Germany will continue to be responsible for the production and delivery of silicone printing components, and the focus of the Ann Arbor Laboratory in the United States is to provide project consulting to clients. Mr. Pachaly said: “The focus of the laboratory is from the beginning to the development of silicone-based products for important industrial fields such as medical technology, healthcare, transportation, aerospace, electronics, etc. The new printing laboratory will further strengthen Our technical strength in the United States lays the foundation for our global network of silicone elastomer 3D printing services.”

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