WACKER Plans To Increase Global Silicone Rubber Production Capacity By 40,000 Tons In 2021

WACKER plans to increase the total annual production capacity of special silicone rubber by 40,000 tons by 2021 by expanding several production bases, and allocates about 100 million euros of investment funds for this purpose.

Through this expansion initiative, WACKER aims to better meet the growing demand for silicone rubber in key industries such as automotive manufacturing, electronics and medical technology. Through this investment initiative, the WACKER SILICONES business unit further implements a strategy to expand its specialty product portfolio.

Expansion of multiple production bases around the world

In April of this year, WACKER was put into operation at the new silicone sealant and thermal silicone mixture production base in Jincheon, South Korea. WACKER and the company’s silicone production base in Amtala, India, have also begun production of room temperature curing silicone elastomers and liquid silicone rubber.

Wacker Chemie plans to expand the production capacity of liquid silicone rubber, high temperature and room temperature cured silicone rubber and thermal silicone blends in Burghausen (Germany), Adrian (Michigan, USA) and Zhangjiagang (China) in 2019.

WACKER is currently considering and researching a solid silicone production line at the Charleston, Tennessee, USA facility.

WACKER has been producing polysilicon at its Charleston production site since 2016. The production base will also operate a fumed silica production line next year, which is an important filler for the production of solid silicone rubber.

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