VDMA Skeptical Of Plastic Recycling Method Of The European Parliament

The European Parliament recently passed a resolution to implement the EU plastics strategy to increase the recycling rate of plastics in the EU.

The EU is seeking to increase the recycling rate of plastics in Europe. On September 13, the European Parliament approved the relevant resolutions to implement the EU plastics strategy with a view to increasing the value of plastics through market-based incentives.

VDMA expressed support for the European Parliament’s decision that “plastics need to be given new value – making them more attractive to collect and recycle,” said VATI Executive Committee member Naemi Denz. “This is the key to investing in modern plastics collection, sorting and recycling technologies.”

However, VDMA is skeptical about adopting general regulatory requirements to improve plastics recovery. “Plastic applications are so broad and it’s not appropriate to use a one-size-fits-all approach to all products,” says Naemi Denz. “Plastics needs to meet the needs and functions of different applications.”

She pointed out that the EU plastics strategy adopts a uniform standard for the recycling of plastics. “In fact, it is more important to establish reliable quality standards for recycled plastics to promote their application in industry. Especially materials that come into contact with food are the main challenges.”

In the view of VDMA, the European Parliament’s call for the establishment of a certification system for recyclable materials is a matter of putting the cart before the horse. The application quality standards for recycled plastics should be certified first. “Any certification must rely on pre-set standards. However, whether certification will actually improve the utilization of secondary materials is worth considering.” Naemi Denz said.

The plastics strategy adopted by the European Parliament was submitted by the European Commission in early 2018. The French adopted this time aims to reduce the environmental impact of plastic products, and further measures will be taken in the near future.

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