UPM RAMTLAC Launches New Film Label

UPM RAMTLAC recently launched a new PE 65 film label for Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. The label is UPM RAMTLAC’s thinnest compressible film label to date and is used in the home and personal care market.

Strong compressibility

The thickness of the PE 65 film is thinner than UPM Raflatac’s standard PE 85 film, but it has good adaptability and compressibility, and it can be seamlessly bonded to the bottle without edge appearance.

PE 65 film is water, oil and chemical resistant, helping to achieve sustainable development in compressible containers and tubular containers. And these films do not need to sacrifice some of the properties, they still have excellent compression properties.

Increase productivity

Labels printed on PE65 film are compatible with the package and maintain a good appearance. Their thinner overall structure helps open collaboration between printers, manufacturers and end users.

The thinner thickness of the PE 65 means that more rolls can be printed per roll and the roll length is longer, which reduces roll length variations and downtime. The 65 micron thick PE film label material also reduces shipping and packaging waste at all stages of the supply chain.

Reduce environmental impact

The use of PE65 material also reduces the environmental impact of the label. UPM Raflatac’s life cycle assessment studies based on the international ISO 14040/44 standard show that using PE 65 instead of PE85, users will reduce energy consumption by 15%, greenhouse gas emissions by 14% and water consumption by 13%.

“UPM RAMLATAC’s new PE 65 film label material is the ideal combination of brand efficiency and sustainable design. Our PE 65 film will help build a more sustainable world,” UPM Raflatac family and individual Jan Hasselblatt, director of the Nursing Business Development Department, said.

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